The first thing that you need to do is mix a packet of carrot seeds with a 1/2cup of unused ground coffee. While this may seem like a strange thing to do, it is actually a very helpful tip. Not only does the extra bulk of the coffee make the tiny seeds easier to sow, but the coffee aroma helps to repel root maggots and other pests, too.

White Fly or White Butterfly
Rhubarb leaves
Put in leaves in a large plastic container with water and leave for 2 weeks, spray onto your veges. These dont smell too good and you must not reuse the container for anything other than spray but very effective.


Repellent plants: Anise, chives, coriander (cilantro), garlic, onions, petunias and radish. Nasturtiums act as a trap crop. Aphids definitely prefer yellow flowers. Plant these around the plants that are mostly effected by aphids

Squashing a few aphids around the infested plants releases a chemical signal that makes the other aphids drop from the plants and leave.

Stinging Nettle Spray: Aphids & Thrips - Cover 1 nettles with water, cover and ferment for 3 weeks. Mix 1 part nettle tea with 7 parts water. Spray.
Spread out a barrier of tansy around the base of the plant to stop those ants.

I use Garlic spray it is very effective in the vege garden and on my roses. Use fresh or dehydrated garlic ( very cheap from your asian supermarket) Soak in boiling water for a week unitl soft. Blitz it with a stick wand Blender and put in Bottles, will last years. Before using strain the liquid and add about 1/4 cup to 20 litres of water. I put a squirt of detergent this helps the spray stick to the plant. Respray every fortnight or after heavy rain. Dont wait for the aphids to reappear.

Put a bright yellow plastic pan in a strategic spot in the garden. Fill it a third of the way full with water. Aphids are drawn to the yellow color, land on the water, sink and drown.

Your Rhubarb spray is effective also ( as above)

A Banana peel around the effective plant will dter aphids and also give the plant a boost of potassium especially roses

As you can see there are many different solutions that dont involve chemicals. There are also many different companion plants that if planted between you most effective plants will help deter even the most stubborn pests. Many of them or beautiful herbs that serve multi purposes. I fine penny royal which is part of the mint family is a gret companion plant